While earning her BFA in painting at USC, Sylvia won the prestigious Freshman Art Award and the Art Department's Painting Award of the Year in her Sophomore Year. From college, Sylvia went on to a distinguished career as an Art Director for three of the top advertising agencies in South Carolina, including Leslie Advertising and Newman, Saylor and Gregory, which are currently known as Chernoff Newman. Having won numerous local and regional Addy Awards, she went on to win Best of Show in the mid-eighties for her poster advertising the Southeastern Wildlife Expo.

In 1989, Sylvia returned to USC to pursue a BFA in graphic design and jump-started a free-lance business that left her little time to express her fine arts talent. Always prolific in whatever medium was at hand, Sylvia now claims clay as her cherished partner.

Artist Statement

"I describe much of my work as a neotribal synthesis of ancient motifs and body adornment. However, many pieces are simply clay confections, which delight in the female form, celebrating its corporeal manifestation, all of its curves and undulations. We should love the body we are in as there is Devine beauty in each of us.

My work screams out for the viewer to find that beauty in him or herself."



SAP Bubby Blue
SAP Gypsy, Giver of Evil Eye
SAP Kristin
SAP Likeness (7x14)
SAP Madelain (11x13)
SAP Matisse's-Mona (11x13)
SAP Morning Rush (18x12)
SAP Nirobe by Moonlight
SAP Orbit Gentile (7.5x14)
SAP Picasso's Mona #3 (13x15)
SAP Right Brained Geisha #2 (12x13)
SAP Secrets (11x11)
SAP Show of Heads (12x17)
SAP Singing the Oranges (13x15)
SAP Somebody's Mona
SAP Sun Rising
SAP Tiny Indescretion (11x12)
SAP Valley Girl (12x15)
SAP Young Gaia's Pool (8.5x4)