South Carolina artist and City Art owner Heather Noë received a BFA in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina. She is a member of excellence in the SC Watercolor Society; and has exhibited regionally in the Springs Mills Exhibit, the South Carolina State Guild Exhibit, Columbia College Gallery, and the South Carolina State Fair. She has also been included in private and institutional collections.

Heather combines acrylic paint, various mediums, wire, wood, and gouache in her paintings. A recent tragic automobile accident involving Heather's son and his friends, has led to a renewed inner strength and growth in her Christian faith. Reflection on this period of time in the life of her family has led to a desire to create artwork that explores emotional healing. Having traveled and lived in many parts of the country has contributed to her use of many different color palettes, patterns, and designs in her paintings. A sculpture background is also evident in her use of layered textures and her combinations of different materials into her paintings.



Carolina Fields
Freedom Plains, Red Line Series