Throughout her entire artistic career, Amy has never lost her deep interest in human anatomy. After finishing her undergraduate work she attended the University of South Carolina where she began to draw the body much more seriously. She has taught all levels of drawing at the University of Wisconsin, specializing in Life Drawing.

Artist Statement

"I think in lines that wrap around forms. A line wraps around the body. The body’s energy travels each wire. How long can the body be trusted? The flesh ultimately fails, but what do we know of the spirit other than what comes to us through the body? These marks are marks of love, time, and looking. Sight and touch in the same breathe. Breath and Hands are images of desire. Eros demands more than pleasure. Eros, in its truest sense, weighs us down. Wrenched and Veiled reveal incessant conflict with one’s own physicality, when one wants perfection in flesh and spirit, but fails. Portrait of my Mother and Portrait of my Father are tributes to those who persevere. The story remains the same. The body asks for its desires. They are granted or denied. The body persists and desire continues. We want more time, and more or less weight. Have I ever believed that story? The one that says the flesh is weak and the spirit is strong. These drawings are touch-prayers. Through these lines I learn.



AF Back (54x44)
AF Breath (42x84)
AF Chest (42x55)
AF Hand (33X41)
AF Howard (36x30)
AF Maxine (65x42)
AF Mother and Father (42x54)
AF Pastel 1 (60x42)
AF Pastel 2 (60x42)
AF Portrait of My Father (60x42)
AF Portrait of My Mother (60X42)
AF Rae (34x45)
AF Standing (34x27)
AF Stare (27x35)
AF Travis (42x33)
AF Turned (26x35)
AF Belly (42x84)